Real Housewives of New York Season 3 Reunion showdowns

2010 Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Special

The first part of the Real Housewives of New York showdown is tonight, and think we all might need two bottles of Xanax and a bottle of Pinot Grigio to get through! By the time we’ve recovered it’ll be next week, and the madness of part two will once again have us hittin’ the bottle and pills.

Pre-WW3 Andy Cohen took out his knife (a.k.a. cellphone) to slice up the pre-show tension. The ladies, despite all the nerve-shattering broadcast-on-television drama in their lives, seem to become more lovely by the minute. It must be all the ill-will and crazy. They must have found a way to bottle that and rub it on their skin. Maybe it’s in Ramona’s Tru Renewal skincare line, so stock up on that if you want to exude the radiance of insanity and fame-mongering.

We found out what some of the girls do to ease their jitters: pre-eight-hour-evisceration Kelly went to yoga to relax for the event, and Jill used Bobby. Take that how you will. Andy also calls Bethenny out for looking “a little Dynasty” with her big shoulder-ruffled dress:

Jumping right into Bethenny trying yet again to get Kelly to at least argue in a logical manner. Passive-aggressive-enabler Andy interrupts to read a question from a viewer who asks Bethenny why she continues to combat Kelly when it isn’t a fair match (AK-47 vs. fly). Kelly pipes up with “That’s true! I am a fly.” Thank you, Kelly. The Countess perks up and basically says that she concurs and believes Kelly is a little bunny who isn’t mentally fit to argue with Bethenny’s shoe. This casual gutting seems to upset Kelly, who rolls her eyes in a combination of disgust and confusion:

Annnd, the good old Alex vs. Jill fight. Alex has truly never looked more radiant, poised, or been more clear and confident in her speaking. This little conflict has put a fire in her belly and a spring in her spirits. In a way, Jill is right, they all do petty, mean things to each other, but Alex is right too. She’s been able to settle matters with some of the other women and develop friendships with them because they respected her as a human being. That’s the problem with Jill in this case, she seems to have always viewed Alex as beneath her, as lesser than. She was wrong about that:

Here’s Ramona responding to a viewer claiming that she doesn’t seem to be Truly Renewed this season because she still blurts out things. It seems that although Ramona still openly make commentary that can be rude, there is a definite change in her character this season. She’s been a relative ray of positive light this season:

Here’s Ramona during the break scolding Andy for being too hard on her. But was he too hard on Jill?