EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS Top 5 RHONY Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors

Ben & Jerrys RHONYC ice cream flavor The Big Apple-y Ever After

Tonight the original Bravo Gotham drama mamas are back as The Real Housewives of New York City premieres its seventh season with a revamped cast of eight that includes the return of Bravolebridom’s prodigal daughter Bethenny Frankel. In honor of this momentous occasion I could think of no better way to pay tribute to both the ladies of the NYC as well as the wordplay-lovin’ reunion maestro Andy Cohen than with a list of RHONY inspired Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors. (Actually, I might could have thought of a better way, but this was what I really, really wanted to do!)

My initial plan was to create photos for each and every entry on the Top 5 list, but three hours into my ice cream Photoshop marathon I realized that just wasn’t realistic. (Being ridiculous is hard work!) That being said, here are the Top 5, not including “The Big Apple-y Ever After” flavor above, which was kind of an actual Ben & Jerry’s flavor already.

5. “Cookie Meets Peanut” for Bethenny Frankel

Ben & Jerry's Bethenny Frankel ice cream flavor Cookie Meets Peanut

Named after Bethenny’s children’s book, which was in turn named after her daughter Bryn and pup Cookie, this flavor is just plain awwwwwwwwwsome with kid (and pooch) favorite peanut butter and cookies galore!!

4. “Countess Chocula” for Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

Just like the classic cereal that inspired it, this ice cream is “choc” full of chocolate and marshmallow bits! And just like the classic Countess that inspired it, the flavor is rich and elegant. (Money can buy you class!)

3. “Sonja S’moregan” for Sonja Morgan

Ben & Jerry's Sonja Morgan ice cream flavor Sonja S'moregan

Tired of Sonja in the City, then how about a dose of Sonja in the Country courtesy of this classic mash up of chocolate ice cream, fudge chunks, toasted marshmallows and graham cracker swirls! Comes with a s’mores recipe you can make right at home in your kitchen — with a toaster oven!

2. “Pecan Turtle Time” for Ramona Singer

It’s always “Turtle Time” when you’ve got a pint of this in the freezer! Your eyes will go googly staring at the plethora of chocolate-covered caramel turtle candies suspended in a mix of creamy vanilla ice cream and caramel swirls. And of course the flavor is a little nuts too, with lots of salted pecan chunks throughout.

Ben & Jerry's Carole Radziwill ice cream flavor Carole's Rocky Roadziwill

1. “Carole’s Rocky Roadziwill” for Carole Radziwill

No doubt Carole has had some tough times in her life, but she has always managed to triumph and prevail. Celebrate Carole’s journey with this joyful blend of toasted marshmallow ice cream with toasted marshmallow swirls and fudge-covered almonds.

As a bonus, here are a few other flavors that didn’t make the list because the cast members are no longer on the show: “Jillato” for Jill Zarin, “Ginger Snaps” for Alex McCord and Kelly BenCinnabon for Kelly Bensimon.

The Real Housewives of New York Season 7 premieres Tuesday, April 7 (tonight!) at 9/8c on Bravo!

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