VIDEO Ramona Singer does Turtle Time with fans at wine signing

Ramona Singer does the Turtle Time dance with fans at a wine signing

The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Ramona Singer launched herself into the Alcohall of Fame last season when she spontaneously invented not just a new dance craze, but a way of life with her hypnotizing inebriated swirl she called “Turrrrrrrrrtle Tiiiime!”

Any time an artist changes the world for the better with his or her creation obviously the fans are gonna want to see it again and again and again. Such was the case last week at Total Wine in Boynton Beach, Florida as a fan requested to do the dance with Ramona and without hesitation, she obliged:

And not just oblige! Ramona delivered a brilliant performance of Turtle Time that left her fans struggling to keep up!

Note to self: Highlight my previous note to self about making it a point to attend one of Ramona Singer’s wine signings!

Here’s a time piece inspired by Ramona’s dance moves and way of life from a previous article – my thoughts were that you could replace the word “SLOW” with “It’s Ramono’clock somewhere!”

Ramona Singer turtle time watch