Row over “playing puzzles” leads Florida man to beat sleeping father with sledgehammer

Vinayak Shanbhag

A Holly Hill, Florida man confessed to beating his sleeping father repeatedly over the head with a sledgehammer after a night of playing puzzles.

33-year-old Vinayak Shanbhag was arrested and charged on Saturday with attempted first-degree murder after the authorities responded to a home to “assist for a medical call.”

After noticing blood outside of the residence the police found Vianayak Shanbahg sitting on the couch next to his mom. He was then secured while the scene investigation continued. As the home was searched a pool of blood was found in the bed of Pandurang Shanbhag, Vianayak’s father, as well as a pillow on the ground ““completely soaked with blood,” and “possible blood evidence all over every wall,” according to The Herald Tribune.

According to the police report, a bloody sledgehammer was also discovered on the floor of the father’s room.

Bugs Bunny Florida

Vianayak Shanbahg waived his right to remain silent and told officers that he recalled, “waking up and entering his father’s bedroom and striking him in the head repeatedly with a sledgehammer.”

During a later interview, the son told authorities that he had been playing puzzles with his dad and during that time the latter said something that angered him. The son ruminated over the comment through the night and eventually acted on his rage by attacking his dad.

Vianayak stated that he had been violent with family members on prior occasions – this was the first time that the police had been called to the home. Pandurang Shanbhag was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.

Here’s the booking info via the Volusia County Corrections information portal:


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