Random Olym-Pics: Tom Daley is an English diving Adonis

Sexy Tom Daley during the 2012 Olympics

Every 4 years the world gathers together in a spirit of harmony to embrace the open theatre of competition and athleticism that is the Olympic Summer Games. What they also do is remind us that some of the most sculpted and otherwise stunning looking men on the planet participate in these events.

The 18-year-old you see above is veteran high diver Tom Daley from England. It sounds a little strange to call someone who’s just 18 a vet but Tom has been competing as a diver since he was only 9. He represented Great Britain in the 2008 Olympics at the ripe old age of 14.

Here’s a clip:

The photos in this post were taken from Daley’s performance in the men’s synchronised 10m platform final. He and partner Pete Waterfield finished just out of the metal hunt in 4th place. While I’m sure they would have loved to win gold I think in the end we all win when Daley does Speedo.

He took to his Twitter account to let all of his fans know that he’s switching gears and focusing on his upcoming individual competitions:

Here’s a parting shot of Tom Daley as he goes for broke attempting the rare perfectly chiseled blindfolded dive of handsomeness!

Great britain's Tom Daley steams up the diving competition

So maybe he wasn’t diving blindfolded but who freakin’ cares right? Oh, and ladies in case you’re wondering, Tommy Boy Man is single. He wanted to stay that way to focus on the Olympics (which will soon be over).

You can click anywhere on Tom’s pics to pull a full-page photo in case you want to inspect further.