Pretty Little Liars fashion line launches at Aeropostale

Pretty Little Liars Fashion - Aeropostale

After each new episode of ABC Family’s hit Pretty Little Liars, fans rush to multiple PLL-dedicated sites to discuss replicating the looks — which used to be tricky, considering most of the outfits were customized by costume designer Mandi Line or included expensive accessories from high-end brands. Now, some of the Liars‘ best looks will be easy to find and available for reasonable prices at the local Aeropostale!

The collection was officially unveiled in Manhattan last night by the show’s costume designer, Mandi Lane. It includes four unique looks based on the styles of Aria, Hannah, Emily and Spencer. The Aeropostale designs will even pop up on the new season of Pretty Little Liars!

Pretty Little Liars - Aria Hannah Emily Spencer - Aeropostale

“The line is only going to get better and better,” Mandi told Nylon of the collection, which she designed. “What’s so cool is that everyone’s so obsessed with the show. I’ll be at a store and I’ll overhear girls being like, ‘That’s so Aria,’ or ‘Spencer would never wear that…’ I just stand there and laugh to myself.”

Pretty Little Liars - Troian Bellisario - Aeropostale
^Mandi was joined at Wednesday’s launch by Troian Bellisario, who stars as Spencer Hastings on the show.

PLL averages 2.6 million viewers per new episode and regularly sets social media records. (This week’s episode was the most-tweeted season premiere in TV history.) This buzz will surely give Aeropostale a boost — and that’s great for the retailer, which has struggled to find footing in recent years. The company was also a perfect fit for Mandi’s vision.

“You think H&M, you think Topshop,” Mandi told Fashionista. “You want to go to somebody that wants to do it. You don’t want to always be trying to please the brand, you want the brand to want to want to work with you.”

Keep an eye out for the looks on ABC Family’s new season of Pretty Little Liars, which airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c.

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