PHOTOS VIDEO “Tha Life: Atlanta” gay black male reality series

Tha Life: Atlanta reality series cast photo and logo

Given the popularity of the flamboyant, high-heels-wearing man-peaches on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta I suppose it was inevitable that someone would try to pitch a reality show based on a similar cast of characters from the ATL. And obeying the definition of the word inevitable “it” has happened in the form of Tha Life: Atlanta, a reality series starring five gay black men living an openly gay lifestyle in Atlanta.

Here are the fellers posing for a promotional photo for the show:

Tha Life Atlanta reality series about 5 gay men in Atlanta

BE Entertainment magazine had an unveiling party for the show’s “sizzle reel” trailer (which you can watch in full HERE) and posted this video from the event on YouTube:

Here’s the full cast of characters for you with their respective splash screens:

J. Will from the new reality series Tha Life: Atlanta
J. Will “Mr. Unpredictable”


Donte from the reality series Tha Life Atlanta
Donte “The Money Maker”


Al from the new reality series The Life Atlanta starring five gay black men
Al “Super Star”


Terrance The Mayor of Atlanta from The Life Atlanta reality series
Terrance “The Mayor of Atlanta”


Will The Socialite from the new reality seires The Life Atlanta
Will “The Socialite”


Dr. George Smith The New Face of Atlanta from the reality series The Life Atlanta
Dr. George Smith “The New Face of Atlanta”


Word is that Real Housewives of Atlanta producer Princess Banton-Lofters is working with the show, which seems to be confirmed by an interview she did last July with about her new production company, Loft 22 Entertainment, in which she was asked about new projects and responded with, “I created a show called, Boys Club, a male reality show. We’re going to start with the Boys Club: Atlanta and I want to expand to different cities. I’ve already created the cast and I teamed up with major production house, Evolution, that actually started the Real Housewives of Orange County franchise.”

My guess is that Boys Club: Atlanta got changed to Tha Life: Atlanta at some point along the way. (With perhaps a brief time as The Eddie Long Show in between) There is no word yet if any networks have picked up the series.

So whatya think folks? Do the boys look interesting enough to tune in for?