Meet Teen Mom Leah Messer’s new boyfriend Dusty Haas photos and bio

Teen Mom Leah Messer's new boyfriend Dusty Haas

The Teen Mom Universe was rattled a bit earlier today when Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer Simms basically outed herself as having a new boyfriend by posting a couple photos of her getting intimate with a strange man on her Facebook page.

Not much was known about her new beau aside from the fact that he is a bit on the hunky side (according to numerous reports from various female readers). So, we put our crack team of investigators on the job and they uncovered the mystery stud’s identity! Meet Dusty Haas, a 23-year-old pipeliner and stock car racer from Sissonville, West Virginia.

Dusty and Leah were reportedly friends prior to her getting pregnant and have only recently started dating. The photos posted on Leah’s Facebook page were from the July 4 celebration in Ripley, West Virginia.

Who is Leah Messer's new boyfriend? Dusty Haas

Dusty recently shared his feelings about Leah (in addition to one of the photos also shared by Leah) on his Facebook wall over the last few days. Here’s the timeline:

July 2: Going to the races with a beautiful woman tonight 🙂

July 3: Had a great time with her yesterday and last night 🙂

July 4: [relationship status changed] Dusty Haas went from being “in a domestic partnership” to “in a relationship.”

July 8: I am with the best woman ever I can’t wet to see her tomorrow night 🙂 [Leah commented on his status by writing, “BABE.. Why cant you spell?? lmao. Wet=Wait.. lmao.” Dusty is definitely a rebel when it comes to spelling, as you will soon find out]

July 8: [Shared a photo of him and Leah with the caption “My and Leah” – there’s that spelling issue again]

July 8: Got rained out go home to see Leah I miss her

Photo of Leah Messer's boyfriend Dusty Haas racing in West Virginia
^ Dusty Haas racing on a dirt track in West Virginia

It’s possible that what got the two lovebirds together was the fact that they were both just coming off a difficult break ups! We all know about Leah and Corey’s split, but Dusty appears to have also just had his heart broken by a girl named Jess. Here are the status updates with some of the resulting comments:

April 11: I am single now it suck 🙁
Friend B: what happened to you & jess?
Dusty Haas: I don’t now u can ask her wat happen
Friend B: awww. ):
Dusty Haas: I now it suck I rille love her a lot
Friend M: awl poore dusty hang in there man
Dusty Haas: I hop I can man this one is hard
Friend M: man i been though just keep your had up high
Dusty Haas: I hop I can man it going to be a long week for me
Friend M: yeah it will be man the weeked well be here soon and racein will be here to
Dusty Haas: I here u man I hop I can get my car Dun Saturday before the race
Friend M: i hop u do man
Dusty Haas: Me to if not I will be out there to woch it
Friend M: when u get out there call me or txt me
Friend B: awww, im sorry. ):
Friend F: I’m sorry honey…breaking up is never fun…I’m here if you need anything!!! I love you and we MISSED you Sunday 🙁

May 25: I miss a girl some much : (

June 21: It hurt me when I see her with someone els 🙁
Friend R: Hey man hurts me to say this but the sun will come up. All you can do is put space between
you and her if she loves you she will come back if not don’t wait life is to short if she knows you will be there she will always just string you along your a good lookin man there is more ladies then just one go live your life and don’t set around waiting on her
Dusty Haas: Thinks I am not going to wait on her I been about 2 months sins we broke up but I miss her we was together ONE year and just one day she says I don’t love u I did not now what to do. How have u been
Friend F: hang in there Dusty…there is a reason for it all…..there’s someone out there for you, you just have to let it happen!!! I love you and you know we’re here for you if you need ANYTHING!!!!!
Dusty Haas: Thank u Fafa

This all just sounds like perfect timing to me! So what do you think of Leah’s new man? (Let’s take it easy on the spelling errors shall wee – there are plenty of awesome dads out there that cant spel to gud!) Something we shouldn’t take it easy on is his hat. Say what you will about Corey Simms but I still have an unhealthy attraction to his flawless flawed West Virginia hat 🙁

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