90 DAY FIANCE Michael Jessen and Tania Maduro moving in together?

Michael Jessen and Tania Maduro

According to a new report, 90 Day Fiance Season 7 stars Michael Jessen and Tania Maduro “have had a relationship for a few years now” and they “will be moving in together shortly.” The report also claims that Michael gave up custody of his two children, who are now living with their mom and grandmother in Michigan.

The new bombshell report comes from 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, who cites a single “very, very, very reliable source” for the scoops. During an Instagram live stream on Thursday (included below), John shared the news with his viewers and his co-host, Maria.

“Michael and Tania have had a relationship for a few years now,” John’s source claims. “One of the reasons why Juliana and Michael broke up was because of this relationship that Michael and Tania were having.”

John’s source says that “Tania would go hang out with Michael when Juliana wasn’t there,” and Juliana found out about the visits from their neighbors. “Tania slept at Michael’s house often,” the source adds.

John revealed that Tania would soon be able to see Michael without being a visitor. “In a couple weeks — maybe a month — Tania and Michael will be living together.”

As Starcasm readers are well aware, Michael’s house is currently in foreclosure. John didn’t reveal any specifics about Michael and Tania’s future living arrangements, but he does mention an apartment at one point. As Tania fans are likely aware, she has been living in a van.

Tania Confirms She Was Moving In With Michael?

John Yates and Tania Maduro have made no efforts to conceal their animosity towards each other over the years. Just after John announced his YouTube live stream, Tani shared a link to the stream in her Instagram stories and added the following caption:

Lol @johnyates327tv has more info on my life than me! Let’s watch the youtube together to find out what’s going on in my life 🤣🤣🤣 go subscribe to his YouTube to get notified of more news on me!

John then posted a DM conversation he had with Tania just after the live stream aired, which also included this Mad Max parody image that we made when they first started feuding:
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome parody poster with John Yates and Tania Maduro from 90 Day Fiance

In the DMs, Tania reveals that she has been documenting everything in her life for her YouTube channel “and the fact that Michael and I were possibly going to be roommates will be in it 🤣.. She adds that “the fact that it’s not happening will be in it.”

Michael Jessen Gives Up Custody Of His Kids?

In addition to the tea about Tania and Michael, John’s source also shared an update on the custody of Michael’s son Max and daughter Cece.

As we were the first to report, Michael’s first wife, Sarah Jessen, filed an application for an emergency ex parte order of custody in December of last year. To get an emergency ex parte order of custody, there has to be evidence of “an immediate and present risk of physical danger or psychological harm to the child or children.”

From our previous post:

On the same day, Sarah filed for a post-judgment motion for modification of child support. There was an “Affidavit Concerning Children” filed the following day. An agreement and an order were entered into the court record on December 20. There is limited information available to the public for family court cases in Connecticut, so I do not have details from the filings.

The custody case has progressed in the courts, including the involvement of CSSD Family Services. The latest entries are court orders on July 21 and August 1. There are no details available on the orders, but the timing lines up with claims made by John’s source.

“Michael just gave his kids away to Sarah, his first wife, and they live in Michigan now in the Toledo area,” John said during his live. “He was happy to ship them off.”

John’s source also claims that Michael owes more that $50,000 in child support to Sarah and “he showed up to court drunk.”

John later states that Michael gave up custody “a couple months ago” and that Sarah has moved in with her mother in Michigan. Sarah and Michael’s son Max shared on Instagram post from Connecticut on July 23. His next post was from a stadium in Michigan on September 9.

Who Is John Yates’ “Informant?”

It’s unclear who the person is who is providing John with this information, but it’s clearly someone very close to Michael. I thought perhaps it might be Michael’s ex-wife, Sarah, but John refers to his “informant” at least once as “he.”

Could it be Sarah’s second husband, aspiring rapper Sean Naso? In case you missed it, Sean and Sarah moved in with Michael and Juliana during COVID, and during that time, Sean and Juliana reportedly had an affair.

Sean recently filed a lawsuit against Michael stemming from an alleged dog bite from Michael’s tiny dog Howard and John Yates did a post about the dog bite lawsuit the day before his Instagram live.

It’s easy to imagine Sean sliding into John’s DMs with some sort of “I can tell you the whole story and more” message. This is purely speculation though! Perhaps there is another man who would know all the details surrounding Michael’s personal life? Sarah’s new boyfriend maybe?

Regardless, it sounds like we will be hearing Tania’s side of the story soon on her YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

Here is the full John Yates live stream with the Michael Jessen and Tania Maduro claims:

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