Springsteen surprises at Clarence Clemons tribute concert

Bruce Springsteen surprises at Clarence Clemons tribute concert

It’s still hard to believe that Clarence Clemons is gone. As for the Big Man’s sidekick Scooter he got back to doing what comes naturally as Bruce Springsteen dropped into Asbury Park’s Wonder Bar for a surprise 45-minute set.

J.T. Bowen and the Soul Cruisers were part of a Sunday night Jersey tribute to Clarence Clemons at the local venue and The Boss dropped in to the delight of the 400 or so people who were on hand to remember “C” and to do what he would have wanted them to do, “Rock!” Back in the 80’s Bowen was the lead singer of Clemons’ band The Red Bank Rockers.

The night began with Clarence’s son Nick opening up with his band which was followed up by The Soul Cruisers who were joined by Bowen. Bruce was just a fan at this point as the band laid down a version of “You’re A Friend of Mine” but he became a performer around 9 when Bowen asked him up on stage to join the performance.

Here’s three really great videos from the gig. First up is a rousing version of “Action in the Streets.”

Now let’s here a little “Savin’ Up” bossman!

And here’s a frequent favorite of Bruce’s when he plays the area Jersey venues, “634-5789.”

Springsteen started off with the above gem from his earlier days called “Action in the Streets” (last played in 1977) this was followed by “Savin’ Up” as well as soul classics including “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg,” “Sweet Soul Music,” “Shake,” and “You Can’t Sit Down.” Just another night down along the shore except for one really big missing presence, but then again Clarence Clemons and his spirit was all over that joint. I think the doors blew off later in a rain storm if you catch my drift.

Here’s one more parting shot of Springsteen having a blast:

Bruce Springsteen surprises at Clarence Clemons tribute concert

Photos: Diane Pastrick/Splash News