How is Paris Jackson now? Who is her boyfriend, Chester Castellaw?

Who is Paris Jackson

Everything is really looking up for 17-year-old Paris Jackson. Nearly two years after attempting suicide, the only daughter of Michael Jackson is reportedly in a great mental and emotional space — and even found love with up-and-coming soccer star Chester Castellaw.

After her June 2013 suicide attempt, Paris spent the next year and a half far away from the spotlight at a treatment center in Utah. That also got her away from guardianship disputes between grandma Katherine Jackson and biological mom, Debbie Rowe, who filed for custody of Paris in April 2014. By the time Paris returned to California last winter, a family insider told Radar Online everything was much smoother.

“The only reason that Debbie wanted to get custody in the first place was because, as a mom, Debbie was so concerned about Paris’s health that she wanted to do anything that she could to help,” the source said in January. “But because Paris is doing so well now and she is getting along so great with Katherine, Debbie is no longer pursuing getting custody of her.”

Unfortunately, the same reportedly isn’t true for Paris’ relationship with older brother Prince Jackson.

Prince Jackson 2014

“She cannot tolerate her brother and says that he is disgracing their father’s legacy,” a source told Radar this month, adding the siblings aren’t on speaking terms. “The family is doing everything that they can to keep Paris away from Prince because they do not want her to go down the wrong path again.”

To the family’s relief, the source claimed Paris has the “perfect distraction from her brother’s antics” in boyfriend Chester Castellaw.

“[Chester] is an incredibly kind and sensitive young man who has been nothing but supportive and understanding of Paris,” an insider told Radar of the 18-year-old Real So Cal soccer player. “Her family seems to like him and they are happy that he comes from a privileged background in Beverly Hills because they are very protective over the children’s inheritance and they want to make sure that he is with her for the right reasons.”

Paris Jackson and Chester Castellaw 2015

The source said the happiness Paris has shown since dating Chester was really the final turn in the “total transformation” she’s undergone in the past two years. She insider added, “Paris acts very much like an adult and her family is super pleased with the way she has turned out.”

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