Missing NY woman’s body found nearly 30 years later in hoarder husband’s home

JoAnn Nichols body found in husband's home after being missing for nearly 30 years

Former New York elementary school teacher JoAnn Nichols went missing in 1985, but earlier this week her remains were finally found — in her old home! A contractor who was working on the home which she once shared with her husband discovered the body, and a medical examiner has since confirmed that it is the 55-year-old woman’s body.

Police say the remains were found in a sealed container behind a false wall in the basement of Nichols’ former home in Poughkeepsie, New York. The home was lived in by her husband after she went missing, but has been vacant for the last year since his death.

Neighbors claim Mr. Nichols was an intense hoarder and police confirmed that the home was full of debris, reports WABC New York.

“With everything going on, they probably didn’t look in all of the right areas, they just looked probably around the house and didn’t really check the walls,” said Poughkeepsie resident Patrick VanTine. Another resident said, “She probably was around there somewhere. I always said it.”

According to the medical examiner, Mrs. Nichols died from blunt force trauma, but at this time no one has been named as her killer. Her identity was confirmed using dental records.

Mr. Nichols reported his wife missing 28 years ago. He passed away in December of natural causes at 82 years of age.

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