PHOTOS Teen Mom Jenelle Evans sticks out hurricane Irene at home in Oak Island

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans photo

So how much does it take to intimidate the strong-willed Jenelle Evans, star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2? We know it takes more than some sidewalk smack talk (See: Britany Truett) or even the entire Brunswick County Police Department (See: 2011), and now we know 100 mph winds and potential flooding aren’t enough either!

That’s right, the stubborn teen is sticking it out in her hometown of Oak Island, North Carolina, which is just south of where hurricane Irene is projected to make landfall early tomorrow morning. After a series of tweets that seemed to suggest she was going to brave the storm, we tweeted at her just to make sure:

@PBandJenelley_1 So are you riding out hurricane Irene in Oak Island?!? Board those windows girl! Did you challenge MTV to stick around? 😉

To which Jenelle replied:

@starcasm MTV was scccccccared lmao and yes I’m home 🙂 and excited !!!

C’mon MTV! Where’s the dedication? Your reality show star is sticking it out through a hurricane and you’re gonna turn tail and run? P’shaw!

So where exactly is Oak Island, North Carolina in relation to the projected path of hurricane Irene? Here’s a screen cap of the most recent projection from Google maps:

Jenelle Evans hometown of Oak Island North Carolina and the projected path of hurricane Irene

As you can see Oak Island is not only outside the projected paths but is also south of the potential landfall areas. That’s definitely better than being on the north side of the landfall where the winds and tidal surges will be greater, but when you’re talking about a north/south coastline it doesn’t matter too much because Oak Island will be on the northwest side of the storm a few hours before landfall and will experience only slightly diminished winds and storm surges compared to where the storm makes landfall.

In other words.. What are you doing Jenelle?!? How many times have I asked that question before? No, it’s clear Jenelle is not going to back down from this meteorological game of chicken so we might as well share her experience with you.

Here are some photos along with there accompanying tweets shared by Jenelle over the last couple hours:

Photo of Oak Island North Carolina during hurricane Irene taken by Teen Mom Jenelle Evans
^ Wowwwwww just took this of my beach

BBQ restaurant stays open in Oak Island North Carolina during hurricane Irene
^ Restaurant called the BBQ house lol still open

UPDATE – This one just came in over Jenelle’s Facebook. Holy smokes!

Photo of hurricane Irene taken from Oak Island North Carolina by Teen Mom Jenelle Evans

And another tweet… (The storm’s getting closer!)

Raining raining raining winds r starting to pick up. The waves r starting to be coming up the streets! Not my street. I’m 2 blocks away.

Oh lordy! Not only is Jenelle dealing with hurricane Irene outside, she’s dealing with hurricane Jace inside! Check out this photo of the devastation tweeted by Jenelle with the caption, “Ugh thanks jace, but u gotta love him lol:”

Hurricane Jace makes landfall in Oak Island, North Carolina

And then shortly after that: “my best friends house is on stilts but she said that her dock which is on the intercoastal waterway is about to flood into her yard”

All joking aside, you stay safe Jenelle! Don’t be out on the beach trying to take pictures or catch a wave tonight!

UPDATE – Here’s the most amazing Jenelle Evans hurricane Irene photo of them all! Jenelle tweeted it along with the caption “Oak island pier” at around noon on Saturday (Which means she has survived the storm!) In the photo Jenelle appears to be leaning into some very strong (dare I say hurricane force?) winds:

Jenelle Evans on a pier in Oak Island during hurricane Irene