Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith continue squabbling on Twitter

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans Twiter fight 2017

It seems that “Two parents enter, one parent leaves” is the mantra for exes Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith, as they continue to battle to the death in Twitterdome.

In the latest rounds of battle, Jenelle Evans threw an unexpected punch at Nathan’s new girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt by leaving her a one-star review at her place of work last week! To set the table, Ashley is a mental health therapist and — according to Jenelle — and addiction counselor. Here is Jenelle’s less-than-glowing review:

Jenelle Evans reviews Nathan's girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt

Things heated up again earlier today after Nathan somehow got the impression that David Eason had called him “a fu**ing queer” in front of Nathan’s mom and son. Nathan began his rebuttal with a sarcastic Twitter poll, of course:

“He wants you to stoop to his level to get you in trouble,” a follower tweeted. “Just document everything and don’t give in to him.”

“I have been. Thank you!” Nathan replied. He followed that up by calling out David directly, who apparently doesn’t have a Twitter account. “Anyways, DAVID EASON, if you want to man up for once and talk to me like a man, face to face, I would love to exchange words like adults.”

Unlike David, Jenelle DOES have a Twitter account, and she took it upon herself to respond to Nathan’s comment: “How about you keep the personal drama off the internet. David doesn’t have Twitter.”

“Because your ‘man friend’ wants to call me a f***ing queer in front of my mom and my son without me there but is always nice to my face. ?” Nathan explained. He attached a photo that appears to be some sort of tweet/text message hybrid that I don’t fully understand. The text message portion would seem to suggest that Nathan is going back to court over custody of Kaiser, but I can’t be sure:

Nathan Griffith text message with Jenelle

I think there was a deleted tweet by Jenelle (or maybe it was a text message?) that I missed, because Nathan appeared to be responding to something specific when he wrote: “Jenelle you contact me then block me as soon as you get your two cents in, you’re in contempt of court in multiple ways, so please do!” (Wait, it was Jenelle who texted “I’m filing to go back to court. You and your mother are ridiculous.” ?)

Nathan’s most recent tweet (at the time of this post) was another text message screen shot in which he appears to take the high road in regards to co-parenting Kaiser:

Jenelle and Nathan texts

“Tried to send this to her,” Nathan wrote, “the green I sent but she obviously blocked me then unblocked me and the previously tweet shows those texts.”

OK: that should bring you all up to date on the Jenelle and Nathan drama! Just in time for a brand new episode of Teen Mom 2 Monday night at 9/8c on MTV! 😉

* If you’re curious about the photos of Nathan and Jenelle at the top of this post, Nathan’s is from one of his body building competitions earlier this year. Contestants paint themselves all over in a very dark shade of brown to help judges see definition and tone — I assume. Jenelle’s photo is from her JEmoji App — which was a $1.99 well spent!

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