PHOTOS Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer, Corey and the twins return to West Virginia

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, hsuband Corey Simms and their twins at a West Virginia airport

The Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew has wrapped up and the girls have all left Los Angeles to return to their homes east of the Mississippi. The moms mentioned the troublesome LA paparazzi numerous times on Twitter and Facebook, so it must have been quite a surprise for Leah Messer and her husband Corey Simms to find a photographer waiting for them at the airport in their home state of West Virginia!

In the picture above it appears as though the presence of the paparazzo gave Leah and her mom a laugh but Corey looked a bit whooped from the trip and Aleeah (in the front stroller) seems to be fed up with the celebrity stuff altogether. But eventually Corey seemed able to find humor in the situation as well, and Aleeah was at worst a little disgruntled at all the commotion at this point – or more than likely just plum pooped from a busy, busy week:

Corey Simms and daughter Aleeah from Teen Mom 2

The big story here though is what Leah and Corey are wearing! Here’s a photo of just Leah – check out that TM2 letter blocks sweatshirt y’all!

Leah Messer wearing a Teen Mom 2 sweatshirt

I checked and didn’t see it so they might only be available to cast and crew. (Cue Debbie Downer music across the country)

Anyways – welcome back to West Virginia Leah! We’re glad you and your family made it back safe and look forward to seeing what all went down at the Reunion Special!

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Photos: Brandon Todd / Splash News