PHOTOS: Skilled pap snaps Selena Gomez shopping in red lipstick and glitter

Teen pop star and Justin Bieber’s best girl Selena Gomez spent some time shopping in London yesterday in between promoting her new album When the Sun Goes Down, and she looked simply stunning in bright red lipstick and a glittery shirt (he nails were also painted a silver glitter.)

There were tons of paparazzi there, capturing her every move. Even more interesting than Selena’s look, however, is that one pap (Ian Lawrence) stood out from the rest, and captured some really gorgeous shots with artistic flair.

The photo above is just your everyday paparazzi shot of a celebrity emerging from a car, but the lighting is incredible, and I love the expression he captured.

He also snapped some cool shots framing Selena with out-of-focus clothing racks and a charming “Sale” sign. Here’s an example:

And then there’s this shot of a wistful, lit-up Selena framed by smudges and crinoline. It’s beautiful, and sad, and had an ethereal quality. It belongs in an art gallery, or framed on a wall. Ian Lawrence, if you keep up this type of paparazzi work, you’re gonna be a celebrated artist someday.

PHOTOS: Ian Lawrence / Splash News

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