VIDEO Rosario Dawson invites you to cool down in her misting vajayjay

Rosario Dawson at The Zookeeper L.A. premiere

Actress Rosario Dawson who is currently on the big screen in the Kevin James vehicle Zookeeper swung by Chelsea Lately Tuesday night for a little sit down and revealed that she has a burning artistic side. Actually that would be a Burning Man artistic side to be exact.

The sexy 32-year-old informed Chelsea about what a huge fan she was of the Burning Man Festival that’s held in the Nevada desert every year. This summer will be her fifth appearance and she’s become inspired to be one of the artists and her plans are pure Burning Man. She also shows off her new obsession of planking. Here’s the clip which will be followed by a transcription of some of Rosario’s comments:

“I love that there’s no cell phone reception for a week. I love just the peace and beauty of it. It’s going to be fun this year. This year’s theme is rite of passage and it’s the first time I’m inspired to, like, make a tent or do something. I’m gonna make a big misting vagina and that will keep you cool. You just walk through this vagina… because it’s super hot during the day. I’m on the V-Day board of the Vagina Warriors… it’s going to be rose-water that is going to mist you. I’m thinking of doing a penis slide… and then you’re in the vagina and then you walk out glistening.”

Misting vagina tents, penis slides, you know I might have to check this Burning Man thing out but then again I’ve been told that penis sliding into misting vaginas can give you a “burning man” so I’m not so sure. In addition to being a plankmaster Rosario is a busy actress as she’s slated to appear in three upcoming feature films, Ten Year, Fire with Fire and The Blind Bastard Club.

Here’s a cap of Rosario flexing her planking skills for Chelsea:

Rosario Dawson planking on Chelsea Lately

Top Photo: FayesVision/

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