PHOTOS See what Iggy Azalea looked like in high school

Iggy Azalea
Who that, who that, I G G Y? Can you spot her?

Before she was shaking her booty, Iggy Azalea was Amethyst Kelly, a student at Mullumbimby High School in Australia.

Pictures recently surfaced of the rap superstar when former classmates posted photos of Iggy from back in 2002 when she was just 12 years old. Between the signature brown eyes and smug smirk, there’s no doubt it’s her.

Here she is up close:
Iggy Azalea

Another classmate posted a different round of throwback pics from a few years later. This time, Iggy’s looking a bit more upbeat:
Iggy Azalea

Some have claimed her high school picture is “unrecognizable” to her current day look. I actually think she looks pretty similar to her younger self, proving that without heavy makeup, she’s quite the naturally beauty.

Iggy Azalea Then and Now

So which look to do you prefer: fresh faced Amethyst or done up Iggy?

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