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Some say love is just a game, but The Game hasn’t given up yet. He still hopes to find the one, with a little help from his friends–and from reality TV, of course.

She’s Got Game premieres tonight at 9/8c on VH1. Here’s a breakdown of the show’s premise, via the She’s Got Game official website:


Over the course of 10 one hour episodes on She’s Got Game the rebounding rapper will ask his closest celebrity friends to set him up with his perfect match. And because nothing tests compatibility quite like travel, before the 10 women can say, “I’m not here to make friends”, they’ll be hitting the road with The Game on a cross-country tour.


We’ve rounded up almost all ten of the women vying for The Game’s affection. Here’s a brief bio and social media links for the ladies:

Rebecca Silvera:

Rebecca Silvera She's Got Game

Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, Rebecca was a professional equestrian who also competed in various Miss Jamaica beauty pageants. After the birth of her son, she decided to move to Miami to further her career.

You can follow Rebecca via Twitter and Instagram.

Picked by: LisaRaye McCoy


Sierra Alston:

Sierra Alston She's Got Game VH1

Sierra is sophisticated, quick witted, and not afraid to put you in your place. She lives in Las Vegas, where she is a professional writer and consultant, and where she enjoys the finer things in life.

You can follow Sierra via Twitter and Instagram.

Picked by: Keisha Cole


Brittany Anderson:


Brittany is always down for a good time. She’s a health coach and fitness instructor in San Diego who loves helping people achieve their fitness goals.

You can follow Brittany A. via Twitter and Instagram.

Picked by: Tyga


Shay Malca:

Shay Malca She's Got Game

Shay was born in Israel and moved to Florida while a young girl. She is used to being the foreign girl–and her accent definitely gets her a lot of attention. Shay is funny and open-minded, and she hates girls that are difficult or needy.

You can follow Shay via Instagram.

Picked by: Fat Joe


Priscilla Rainey:

Priscilla Rainey She's Got Game

Priscilla has a fiery personality and has never been afraid of competition. She moved from Philadelphia to Miami to purse her dreams. Now she is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, realtor, and financial consultant.

On August 5th, TMZ reported that Rainey has sued producers of the show for $10 million, claiming that The Game sexually assaulted her. The lawsuit alleges that Game was “out of control” and that his actions  included “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

You can follow Priscilla via Twitter.

Picked by: Laura Govan


Destinee Milian:

Destinee Milian She's Got Game

Destinee values family first. Her family taught her everything she knows and has influenced her to follow her dreams. She’s a full-time student studying to be a neonatal nurse because she wants to help other families, and because she loves babies.

You can follow Destinee via Twitter and Instagram.

Picked by: DeJ Loaf


Melissa Howe:

Melissa Howe She's Got Game

A British beauty hailing from London, Melissa moved to America with her twin sister to pursue their modeling careers together. Today, they both work for Playboy and Playboy TV.

You can follow Melissa via Twitter and Instagram.

Picked by: DJ Khaled


Jennifer Acosta:


A Brooklyn native with a tougher than nails attitude, Jen plays to win. She knows what effort is all about, having worked hard for her education; currently, Jen is aiming for a masters degree.

You can follow Jennifer via Twitter and Instagram.

Picked by: Irv Gotti


Brittany Brickner:

Brittany Brickner She's Got Game

Currently studying to obtain her real estate license, Brittany has many goals, and is determined to go out and get what she wants. Her infectious laugh and bubbly personality make her the center of attention–and she isn’t afraid to stand out.

You can follow Brittany B. via Twitter and Instagram.

Picked by: Big Boy


Kiki Hall:


A southern belle from the small town of Coldwater, Mississippi, Kiki has always been humble and sweet. She’s a college graduate who is currently working as an administrative assistant.

No social media links for Kiki, unfortunately 🙁

Picked by: Ray J

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