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Why did Amber Heard bring up Kate Moss when she was talking about the stair incident, and why did Johnny Depp’s lawyer’s celebrate?

At the Depp vs. Heard defamation trial occurring currently in Fairfax, Virginia, Amber Heard brought up Johnny Depp’s ex Kate Moss in the middle of testimony about the night of the stair incident. When she evoked Kate’s name, Johnny’s lawyers smiled and celebrated. What does this mean and what does Kate Moss have to do with stairs? Will she testify?

Kate Moss feels like she shouldn’t be held responsible for girls’ eating disorders

Kate Moss isn’t very happy with her 90s legacy. Kate’s rail thin, pale look became synonymous with a fashion trend known as “heroin chic.” Dark circles around the eyes, and seemeing disheveled and lost also contributed to the look. But Kate thinks it was all crazy because she never did heroin. The supermodel is also sore about being associated with anorexia.