PHOTOS Kendall Jenner took the cut-out dress to a whole new level at MuchMusic Awards

Kendall Jenner MuchMusic Awards

Self-described “worst reader” Kendall Jenner must have read the MuchMusic Awards as the “MuchSkin Awards,” because she showed off the entire length of her legs in a creative cut-out dress.

The top of the embellished gown was quite demure — but broke bad right above Kendall’s hips with major slits on both sides. She later posted a collage of the dress and added, “why do one slit when you can do TWO!? #MMVAs”

Despite the likely use of a whole roll of heavy-duty two-sided tape, Kendall did seem a bit concerned when the red carpet got breezy…

Kendall Jenner Breeze MuchMusic

Kendall was in Toronto to co-host the event with sister Kylie Jenner, who opted for a slightly more modest design.

Kendall Jenner - Kylie Jenner - MuchMusic Awards

Fortunately for Kendall, the whole evening seemed to go much more smoothly than when she flubbed her words while introducing One Direction Five Seconds of Summer at the Billboard Music Awards in May. According to Us Weekly, the 18-year-old model even poked fun at herself during Sunday’s show in Canada by jokingly accusing the cue-card holder of sabotaging her.

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