PHOTOS Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley censored, Aeropostalegate continues

It's Gary Time! added to Mount Rushmore

And so it begins. In case you missed it, clothing company Aeropostale played the part of UnAmerican killjoys a couple weeks ago when it was revealed they had asked Teen Mom‘s Gary Shirley to stop wearing their clothes.

Gary acquiesced to the request and sadly announced on Twitter that it was “an end of an era.” But, he had already finished filming for the current season of the show, so I thought maybe there was a chance of at least a few more episodes of Garypostale…

Alas, MTV decided to play the part of fashion Kevorkian by pulling the plug on Garypostale a little early with some strategic blurring last night. Here’s Gary sporting a red Aeropostale t-shirt with the brand’s name completely erased. (Notice the famous “founded ’87” just below where it used to say “AEROPOSTALE.”)

Click to enlarge:
Teen Mom Gary Shirley's Aeropostale shirt blurred out, censored by MTV

They later got a little creative and tried to make it appear as though Gary was wearing a plain red t-shirt. Here’s a side-by-side in which you can clearly see where the lettering begins in the photo on the left and how it’s mysteriously gone in the photo on the right:

MTV blurs out Gary Shirley's Aeropostale shirt on Teen Mom

So what can we do to support the censorship of Gary Shirley? I mean besides liking the Facebook page dedicated to making this right?

You can go right out and buy yourself a shirt made by the company that doesn’t mind Gary wearing their clothes! No, not “It’s Gary Time!” (Although that is a fine alternative.) No, I’m talking about Brooklyn something or another! (All I could read was the word “Brooklyn” with a picture of a machine gun underneath followed by something that begins with “gun.” Gunclub maybe?) Here’s a screen cap:

Teen Mom's Gary Shirley wears a Brooklyn machine gun shirt of some kind

So, go out and buy a bunch of whatever that is and rest easy knowing you helped protect the principals this country was founded on! (I’ll tweet Gary and see if he’ll come through with a brand on the shirt. Any of you readers have an idea?)

Oh, and I could swear I saw another scene in which Gary was wearing a blurred out Aeropostale shirt, but I couldn’t find it when scanning through the complete episode.

Hang in there Gary! Don’t throw those Aeropostale shirts away just yet! We’re doing everything we can to undo this trampling of your fashion rights!

UPDATE – I was just watching the bonus clip from Episode 8 and I noticed MTV isn’t blurring out everybody’s Aeropostale – check out Amber’s friend proudly displaying her Aero:

Amber Portwood's friend wears an Aeropostale shirt on Teen Mom that goes uncensored

On a side note that doesn’t really have anything to do with Gary Shirley’s fashion choices, although it does have something to do with his being a real American… has anyone else noticed that right beside the porch at his mom’s house there is an old Pepsi vending machine?

Teen Mom Gary Shirley's mother's house with a Pepsi vending machine
Pepsi vending machine by the porch of Teen Mom Gary Shirley's mom's house

What’s up with that? Could it be that Gary is working on expanding his t-shirt empire into the world of soda pop with “It’s Gary Time!” cola?!? Stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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