PHOTOS Kathy Griffin shaves her head in solidarity with her sister going through chemo

Kathy Griffin with Donald Trump hair

Comedian Kathy Griffin has made a career out of shocking people — sometimes not in a good way. But today, Kathy shocked her fans in a great way by revealing she has shaved off her hair in solidarity with her sister Joyce, who is currently going through chemo therapy.

Writer Yashar Ali‏ posted the photos earlier today on Twitter, including one of Kathy with her mother, Mary Margaret “Maggie” Griffin. Yes, the photo above featuring Kathy Griffin with Donald Trump hair is definitely fake news. Here are the actual photos:

Kathy’s mom responded on Twitter by expressing admiration for Kathy’s gesture:

Entertainment Tonight reveals that Kathy Griffin actually shaved her head last week, but the first photos are only just now surfacing. And it could be that Kathy had been planning on trimming her locks for at least a couple weeks because Kendall and Kylie Jenner were photographed trying on Kathy’s “magic hair” on July 16:

Of course, it could just be that Kathy has always kept some wigs around. Actually, I’m realizing there is probably almost a 100% chance Kathy has kept a wig collection for years.

As far as Kathy’s sister Joyce, it is still unclear what she is receiving chemo therapy for. I did manage to find this photo of her with Kathy and Maggie together:

Photo of Kathy Griffin with her sister Joyce

If Joyce is battling cancer, it will not be a new struggle for the family as Kathy’s older brother, Gary, passed away in 2014 after his battle with esophageal cancer.

We wish Joyce a successful recovery! And we wish the same for Kathy’s hair (and career)! 😉

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