PHOTOS Jenelle Evans flaunts baby bump in teeny bikini during beach day with Jace, Nathan Griffith’s daughter

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump - Jace and Emory

With less than three weeks until Jenelle Evans’ due date, you better soak up all the Jenelly Belly you can! The Teen Mom 2 star made it easy this weekend by flaunting her sizable bump during a day at the beach with son Jace, boyfriend Nathan Griffith and Nathan’s daughter, Emory.

Before going out, Jenelle wrote “s**t was about to hit the fan.” I presume she was referencing the unkind reactions to her teeny bikini that some were bound to have… But, dang! There’s no denying the girl is looking good for the latter part of her third trimester!

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump - Jace Now

Unfortunately, online gawkers weren’t the only ones who got under Jenelle’s skin.

Despite the flocking fan club, it looks like the blended family was able to have a great day at the beach. It was also sweet to get a look at how Jace will deal with a sibling.

After hanging out at the beach, Nathan and the kids relaxed in the hot tub for a bit… While Jenelle reassured concerned Twitter followers that she didn’t partake.

Jenelle Evans - Nathan Griffith Kids

The weekend beach trip may be one of Jenelle and Nathan’s last for a while as she is expected to give birth to baby Kaiser later this month.

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