PHOTOS Farrah Abraham gets a new Mercedes

Farrah Abraham gets a new Mercedes with daughter Sophia

As you’ve probably heard, Farrah Abraham starts her new gig as a “Celebrity House Feature” at Palazio Gentlemen’s Club in Austin Texas on Friday where she will strip in private sessions for audiences paying $500 for ten minutes or $2,500 for an hour. Farrah is reportedly getting half a million dollars for the gig and she has apparently dropped a large chunk of that on her new ride to work!

Farrah Abraham gets a new Mercedes Benz

Farrah posted numerous photos earlier today from the Mercedes Benz dealership in Georgetown, Texas where she looks to have purchased herself a brand new white E-Class Mercedes Benz! Farrah posed with daughter Sophia in front of her new whip, which was adorned with a red bow, and wrote, “MBofGeorgeTown E-Class #AMG surprise! Utility&Luxury”

I did a little research and it looks as though the Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG sedan has a starting price of right around $100,000, which is only a pretty large drop in the bucket when you’re getting five times that shakin’ your Mercedes Bunz for the rain makers at Palazio!

Here’s another collage with Farrah, Sophia, her Mercedes and a D’Andrea handbag:

Farrah Abraham's new Mercedes 2014

I think I now know what Farrah’s next endeavor needs to be! An app called “Farrah Abraham: Hollywood,” which will be similar to Kim Kardashian’s blockbuster fame game, but with the option to take more drastic measures:

Farrah Abraham: Hollywood game app

As soon as that app hits the iTunes store I’ll be heading down to the Mercedes Benz dealership myself! #GonnaBeRich

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