Farrah Abraham signs on as celebrity host of dating website HotSpot4Dates.com

Farrah Abraham on hotspot4dates.com

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has more business ventures than Donald Trump! I just wrote a post earlier today about Farrah signing on with Models International in Beverly Hills, and now she’s announced that she has signed on as a celebrity host on the dating site HotSpot4Dates.com!

So what does it mean to be a celebrity host of a dating site? Here’s a description of the concept from the site:

The Hot Spot is the only dating site available that offers Celebrities walking you down the Red Carpet to finding Romance. Click on one of our Featured Stars or let Dr. Estella find your Personal Hot Spot by clicking here! Fill out your membership profile beforehand.


And here’s Farrah’s profile entry:

Farrah Abraham dating website photos

Farrah Abraham has been a public figure for 3 years now and will continue entertaining, educating, and giving back. Farrah Abraham is part of the original cast from MTV’s 16 & pregnant and Mtv’s Teen Mom, Her 5th season will premiere Spring 2012. Farrah Abraham is a young, smart, and hard working business woman, as well a mother of one daughter. Farrah Abraham will release her first biography book titled “My Teenage Dream Ended”, April 3, 2012 , also later in 2012 she will release Her first Mom & Me Italian Hot pepper sauce, you can look at her website for your celebrities favorite food of the moment and other updates on her website at www.FarrahAbraham.me. Farrah Abraham is a young 20 year old, factual to numbers but has a mind of a 40 year old from her life’s experiences. Through her relationship blessings and hardships, she has acquired a lot of helpful advice to share to many others who are on the single red carpet in their life at the moment. Farrah Abraham has also been dating a lot these days and knows how to help find compatibility in a significant other, faster and better then ever. Farrah speaks her mind and will tell it like it is, also Farrah will have special dating events for her club members to attend, and meet their dating guru celebrity.


Teen Mom Farrah Abraham star logoFarrah would like to say “thank you for supporting me, in my efforts to help with teen sex education, and my culinary dreams”.

Farrah is proud to help give scholarships towards furthering education and giving to children in need.

“Thank you for bringing yourself here! Back on the dating market, I look forward to giving you some supportive advice and guidance; I’m a hopeless romantic so I have hope in finding everyone their partner for life. I hope that you will find your ideal relationship on this red carpet”.

Let’s find a partner in 2012,
Farrah Abraham

Some of the other celebrities that can help walk you down the red carpet of love are the Shannon twins Karissa and Kristina (Girls Next Door, Miss July and Miss August 2009), Brande Roderick (Starsky & Hutch, Baywatch Hawaii, 2001 Playboy Playmate of the Year), and Dr. Estella Sneider. (You can click on their names for full profiles, including Dr. Estella’s rather lengthy resume in the field of psychology.)

So if you’re lookin’ for love, why not let Farrah Abraham show you the way? Hop on over to HotSpot4Dates.com now for your free 7-day trial!

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