PHOTOS – Erica Rose’s dad gave Vienna Girardi a nose job!

Vienna Girardi, who appears tonight alongside her one-time fiance Jake Pavelka, and her current boyfriend Kasey Kahl on ABC’s Bachelor Pad, is making the most of her Bachelor fame. Not only has she enjoyed multiple love affairs, she’s also gotten nose job out of the deal thanks to veteran reality television junkie, and Bachelor Pad co-star, Erica Rose.

Vienna says she got it done because she’s always felt that her nose was too big for her face, and felt emotionally injured by bloggers and commenters calling her “horse face” after seeing her on The Bachelor. “After The Bachelor, bloggers called me ‘horse face.’ Evil names. I event went blonde because my dark hair made my nose look bigger!”

Erica Rose, who has been as many reality shows and documentaries as she possibly could in the past 10 years, has a plastic surgeon for a father, Dr. Franklin Rose. Vienna told U.S. Weekly that Erica suggested that she should totally get her nose done, and within a week, Erica was on a plane to have the procedure.

“Im not saying get 20 surgeries, but if there’s something you don’t like about yourself, go ahead and change it!”

Vienna’s reality ex Jake Pavelka had this to say about Vienna’s new nose: “”I knew she had some elective surgery done,” Pavelka, 33, told Us Weekly of his ex. “I haven’t seen the pictures, but she looked fine before it. Whatever makes her happy.”

Vienna’s new beau Kasey Kahl also thinks she didn’t need the surgery: “I don’t think she needed it, but I am just here to support her 100 percent. If she wants to get a nose job and change something about herself to make herself feel better because she’s had to deal with it in the past, you know what? I support it.”

Vienna prior to nose job:

Vienna getting marked up before surgery:

Vienna about to be cut:

Vienna and Kasey Friday (August 5, 2011) hosting a gifting lounge in honor of The Teen Choice Awards:

Bachelor Pad kicks off tonight on ABC @ 8pm EST, and lasts a whopping three hours.