PHOTO The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi topless calendar picture. Are more on the way?

The Bachelor's Vienna Girardi calendar

Was Ali’s walk-out planned?

There has been all sorts of controversy surrounding Season 14 of ABC’s reality love competition The Bachelor including a “sex scandal” between contestant Rozlyn Papa and producer Ryan Callahan, a spoiling blogger revealing the details of how the entire season would play out including the eventual winner and now one of the remaining five women might have a bunch of topless photos out there for sale!

All the women on the show are nothing short of vitriolic in their hatred of fellow contestant Vienna Girardi, and now there may be more fuel added to their fire as reports of nude photos begin to surface. 23-year-old Vienna of Sanford, Florida already ruffled feathers with her mysterious and brief marriage to Joshua William Riley in September of 2005 and then rumors began to circulate that Vienna was a bit of a party girl with a boyfriend waiting for her at home. got their hands on a calendar for C.O.D. Trees, Inc. of Oviedo, Florida that featured Vienna as their Miss December in bikini bottoms and nothing but a scarf covering her augmented pair of bachelorettes. But, that may just be the tip of the iceberg as a poster on the Fans of Reality TV message board says he was approached by a lawyer shopping around more topless photos of Vienna not from the calendar shoot:

To be very clear, I was called by a lawyer in Orlando and asked if I would be interested in buying topless photos of Vienna, taken by her boyfriend – not a private thing but a “photo shoot” after her boob job but before she was famous.

I laughed because that is completely not anything I would ever do, but curiosity killed the cat so I asked him to email me a sample photo. It was not from the same series that has now appeared on the web. The photo I saw was topless and appeared to be taken on a beach.

I mentioned this in a post here, and there was an outreach from a tabloid that wanted the pictures. I said I didn’t want to be a part of it and my intermediary was cool enough to get them off of my back.

But these photos were for sale – whether Fleiss bought them and buried them or a tabloid bought them and is waiting to release them, will have to be seen.
If they were available to me, of all people, for $12,500 then someone has them by now.

The whole episode made me want to take a bath. That’s all I know.

There are some on the board that speculate the photos may have been purchased and subsequently “buried” by people not wanting them to get out. (Outsid eof Vienna and her family, who would that be? CBS and the producers of the show wouldn’t want to keep that kind of ratings-boosting kindling tucked away!)

Here’s Vienna posing in a bikini from Myspace:

Vienna Girardi bikini

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