PHOTOS Who is celebrity chef Robert Irvine’s wife, Gail Kim?

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Celebrity chef Robert Irvine’s wife Gail Kim is less-known than him outside of wrestling circles. Inside those circles, though, she’s a star. The couple cut quite a figure, both literally and figuratively: they might be the most physically-fit celebrity pairing in entertainment right now.

Kim, 38, is of Korean descent. She’s been a professional wrestler since 2000, when she worked the Canadian indpendent circuit. She joined WWE in 2002, and won the Women’s Championship in her first televised bout in 2003. She’s been a regular challenger since then, and has been one of the sport’s biggest and most popular female stars for over a decade.


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Kim met husband Robert Irvine during a taping of Dinner: Impossible. Robert was catering the VIP lounge for WWE’s Summerslam, and she caught his eye.


After a three-year courtship, the pair married on May of 2012. Their Greek honeymoon scrapbook remains one of the most popular slideshows on the Food Network website, which makes sense once you flip through the shots yourself.

(Kim and Irvine also chronicled their nuptuals–albeit less provocatively–on the special Wedding: Impossible episode of Robert’s show, in which Irvine catered he and Gail’s wedding himself.)


Gail Three


Gail Kim is also somewhat notorious in WWE circles for an infamous injury she suffered during an early-career bout. Before making the jump from Canadian independent to WWE star, Kim had breast augmentation surgery. In a particularly rough match in late 2003, Kim suffered both a serious collarbone injury and a ruptured breast implant. The collarbone kept her out of commission for five months, though it was the breast injury that got the most attention at the time.





(Photo credits: Gail Kim via Twitter)

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