My Five Wives grandson ‘Baby Huck’ to undergo surgery

My Five Wives Brady Williams grandson Baby Huck

My Five Wives star Calistia Karlie Jessop, daughter of Brady Williams and his first wife Paulie, gave birth to her son Jacob “Huck” Jessop 15 weeks premature on Tuesday, October 28. Since that time, The Williams family has been updating fans on how “Baby Huck” is doing. Today the family asked for “special prayers” after revealing Huck will be having surgery later today for “intestinal issues.”

Here is the full message posted by the Brady and Wives Facebook page along with the photo of Baby Huck they included:

My Five Wives Baby Huck surgery

Dear friends. We are again asking for special prayers for #babyhuck. He will be going into surgery in a couple of hours so the surgeon can deal with some intestinal issues. Surgery is a big deal for preemies. We appreciate your support.

Our thoughts are with Baby Huck and the rest of the Williams and Jessop families. We will try to update our readers as soon as we hear how the surgery went.

UPDATE – From Karlie:

He did well! They are just closing him up now. He had an Atresia, where his intestine didn’t fully develop so it was blocking anything from getting through. They cut out 12cm and are connecting the 2 ends together right now. His recovery will be long, but he should feel a lot better and hopefully continue on a speedy path to come home! ‪#‎babyhuck‬.

UPDATE – From the Williams family on December 8

#BabyHuck is on the path to recovery. He is stable and everything looks good. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks, but he’s a little trooper and we know he can make it through. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and good vibes.

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