VIDEO – Beavis and Butt-head make fun of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s boob job

MTV doesn’t mind poking a little fun at itself, and their rebooted classic Beavis and Butthead is the perfect vehicle to impose a little self snark at shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. They used to make fun of the music videos MTV played, but that was a bygone era when the words behind network initials meant something [anyone remember The Learning Channel (TLC) or Arts & Entertainment (A & E)?]

Beavis and Butthead sat down for the first episode of Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 1 to blast Farrah’s boob job adventure.

One of the best zingers:

“Mom, all I want for you is for you to shut up, and take care of my baby, and get me some new boobs!”

“The doctor said you’ve gotta spend money to make money?”

“You can get a loan for fake boobs? I’m gonna take out a loan to get a bigger schlong!”

Watch the clip:

Farrah should feel honored! Not everyone gets the pleasure of being mocked by B & B! In fact, Jenelle Evans posted her jealousy on her Facebook wall: Dude I hope bevis and butthead make fun of me. I would be flattered 🙂

UPDATE! Farrah is flattered! Here’s what she posted on Twitter (she also shared that she finally got the will that her mom pushed on her boob job episode, in case anything happened with the surgery.)

Thanks to The Ashley for pointing this out!