PHOTOS Breaking Amish model Kate Stoltz gets a nose job

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltz and dog Victoria

Over the last few years, fans of TLC’s Breaking Amish have been able to follow the amazing journey of star Katie Stoltzfus, who left the Amish community in hopes of pursuing a professional modeling career — and then MADE IT HAPPEN! Obviously, Katie (who now goes by Kate Stoltz) has needed to make a lot of adjustments over the last few years, and in the upcoming season she reveals one of the most dramatic adjustments yet: to her nose, as in plastic surgery!

“I’ve decided to fix something that’s been bothering me for years and get reconstructive surgery,” Kate reveals in an extended preview clip. “I had my nose broken when I was a really young girl,” she explains, “and it was always something that I wanted to get done, I just didn’t have the opportunity to do it.”

And in case it wasn’t obvious why she “didn’t have the opportunity to do it” before, Kate reminded everyone that “The Amish never get surgery unless it’s something that is vital to their health.”

And we all know Kate is a smart woman who thinks things through, so, once the opportunity (and the freedom) to have the procedure done presented itself, she didn’t rush: “I’ve seen so many bad rhinoplasties and bad plastic surgery, and the last thing I want is to mess up my face.”

But even after selecting a well-respected surgeon, Kate still had concerns. “I’ve never had surgery before,” she says in the clip, “so I just hope that the surgery goes well.”

There is a very brief moment towards the end of the clip that appears to show Kate just after having the procedure with bandages on her face, so I assume she did in fact go through with it:

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltz nose job plastic surgery

For comparison, here are a couple before-and-after nose job photos of Kate Stoltz. The one on the left was posted by Kate in December of 2013 and the one on the right is from last week:

Kate Stoltz nose job before and after photos

Can you see a difference?

And speaking of Kate and plastic surgery, she recently took a trip to Guatemala where she worked with Developing Faces, whose mission is “to provide high quality surgical care to babies and children with facial abnormalities living in developing countries around the world.” Check out these amazing photos Kate shared on Facebook and Instagram as well as her appreciative comments:


Breaking Amish Return To Amish Kate Stoltz Developing Faces



Holding one of the adorable children before Developing Faces operated on him, he stole my heart. This surgery was such an amazing transformation!

One of the families traveled 6 hours for a life-changing bilateral cleft palate surgery with their 18 year old son. They never had the money or surgeons that were experienced enough to do the procedure until now.

We had to turn away so many people though, due to limited time and funds. We are planning to do another trip next year, these people need our help. #Guatemala #nonprofit #cleftpalate #cleftlip #developingfaces #makeadifference


You can catch up with Kate Stoltz and the rest of the Breaking Amish cast (except Sabrina) when Return To Amish returns to TLC tonight at 9/8c!

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