Plastic Wives’ Frances Marques keeps her labia in a jar, Shah’s GG lightens her gums

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Sunday night’s reality television was all about unusual cosmetic procedures.

TLC debuted a special called “Plastic Wives” about plastic surgeon’s wives who couldn’t get enough plastic surgery. Sure, Botox, boob jobs, and Brazilian butt lifts were discussed, but the biggest topic of conversation was vaginaplasty. One of the ladies, Frances Marques, even showed off her severed labia, which she now keeps in a jar. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Over on Bravo, Shahs of Sunset’s GG gabbed to her new buddy Lilly about plastic surgery. GG’s 31, but she wants to maintain her youthful look for a long time. When Lilly asked if GG’s already had a lot of work down, GG replied that she’d had her nose done, and that she’s also had her gums lightened.

Lilly didn’t realize that was a thing, so GG explained that the pigments in her gums were dark, so she had them lightened with a procedure that’s similar to what they do for gingivitis. Apparently there are two ways to bleach the gums: either using a laser or chemicals, but GG didn’t reveal which method she’d used.

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