PHOTOS Brandi Glanville superhero sexy in black leather at McDonald’s Premium McWrap launch party

Brandi Glanville leather McDonald's Premium McWrap launch

There’s nothing Hollywood loves more than a red carpet event! They have them for movie premieres, awards shows, art openings, fundraisers, and… fast food menu items?

Yep! McDonald’s threw a huge launch party for its new Premium McWrap chicken wrap and those celebrities willing to show up to show McSupport included Lisa Rinna, Twilight‘s Boo Boo Stewart, Khloe Kardashian, Scott Disick, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Kyle Richards, who was accompanied by her sexy hubby Maurico Umansky.

But, stealing the show from everyone, and adding a bit of spice to the Premium McWrap bash, was Kyle Richards’ RHOBH cast mate Brandi Glanville, who came McWrapped in a sexy skin-tight leather outfit complete with fingerless gloves and matching studded black leather bag and towering stiletto heels.

Brandi needs to wear this outfit for the RHOBH Season 4 cast photo shoot! Could you imagine? Actually, we don’t need imagination anymore because we have Photoshop!

Brandi Glanville in leather for RHOBH SEason 3 cast photos

We recently posted about the fact that Brandi (along with Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer) is starring in the upcoming Hunger Games/Hangover spoof The Hungover Games, but seeing her in this outfit makes me think she might want to put her hat (and that outfit!) in the ring for a superheroin gig!

Actually, Brandi might be a better bad girl — a Brandi Glanvillain? Or perhaps Catwoman would be ideal, because Catwoman doesn’t choose any side other than her own. MEOW!

To illustrate just how easily Brandi would fit in, here she is with The Avengers holding her own:

Brandi Glanville and The Avengers

Ah, but alas, according to The Huffington Post you can’t be a female big screen superhero without the obligatory butt shot pose. BUTT wait! Brandi’s got that too!

Brandi Glanville in sexy black leather outfit at McDonald's Premium McWrap launch

Perhaps it’s too late for Brandi to step in as the Black Widow or Catwoman, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a character for her. You guys have any suggestions for a name? All I know is that one of her special abilities will be to shoot green lasers from her nipples.

* The countdown has already started to when we will see LeAnn Rimes in her reactionary leather outfit.

UPDATE – It seems Brandi Glanville had a reason to wear leather gloves (other than just being awesome). She tweeted Friday night, “reason I wore gloves is my hands got burned, so I tried to match the outfit them” along with this gruesome photographic proof:

Brandi Glanville's burned hand

Now that’s getting caught red handed! Brandi didn’t explain how she burned her hand, but I’m thinking it was Gamma rays or perhaps touching a glowing asteroid? (I really want the Brandi Glanville superhero/supervillain thing to work!)