PHOTOS “Brachel” Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly together at Reality Rocks Fan Awards

Big Brother Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas at Reality Rocks Expo 2011

It seems like years have gone by since everyone’s favorite red-headed bikini-wearing Big Brother contestant Rachel Reilly was making fans’ blood boil and fellow house guest Brendon Villegas’ blood to rush to a certain place!

The duo, with Rachel’s famous red hair and Brendon’s famously shaved head, were photographed together on the red carpet at the Reality Rocks Expo Fan Awards held at the Los Angeles Convention Center Saturday night! Ahhhhh, it’s like bumping into those annoying roommates you had for a semester during your freshman year of college! I think I almost miss Rachel’s abrasive voice and cocky attitude. Almost.

The much-maligned couple, unaffectionately referred to as Brachel, played the game to perfection early on and despite their fellow contestants’ mutual contempt seemed well on there way to taking home top honors before an eventual slip-up that would lead to both being sent packing and hunky dude Hayden Moss walking away with the $500,000 Season 12 grand prize.

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UPDATE – Brendon tweeted this picture earlier today of him and Rachel at the We Wedding Chapel during the Reality Rocks Expo!

Big Brother's Brendon and Rachel pose for a wedding picture

His caption was, “Rachel and I at the Reality Expo in the We Wedding Chapel. :)”

And here’s another shot tweeted by Rachel featuring the two of them in a “Wedding Photo Booth:”

Big Brother couple Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly take a wedding photo booth picture

If you want to help make this wedding picture a reality you can hop over to and vote for Brachel to win the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest!

Hurry up Season 13!!!

Photo: Gisele R / Sunny Bak / Splash News