PHOTO Tim Tebow’s new haircut

Tim Tebow has his head shaved by Denver Broncos teammates

Winning a Heisman trophy and multiple NCAA championships doesn’t prevent a rookie NFL player from getting hazed – just ask Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow!

His Bronco teammate LenDale White tweeted the above photo of the infamously religious Tebow sporting a partly shaved head and looking like Urban Friar. LenDale captioned the picture by saying “Look at tebow new hair style lmao… Loks good ROOK!!!!!!!!”

That’s a dandy padre ‘doo but my favorite cloistered NFLer is, and will always remain, the great Art Monk.

With all these distractions, I don’t know how Tim Tebow is ever going to finish putting together his NFL Gamebay Kit or memorizing his Gameday Flowchart!

(I wonder if this means the NFL will look into instating a Friar Tuck rule.)