Tim Tebow demands photo with ‘strippers’ be removed from Twitter

Tim Tebow strippers photo from backstage of Rock of Ages on Broadway

In sensationalist headline news… Puritanical NFL quarterback Tim Tebow recently posed for a backstage photo with some of the cast of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages. Cast member Neka Zang shared the photo on Twitter along with the tweet, “a little Tim Tebow and the ladies of @RockOfAges #SIP”

That may not sound like news, but the cast members were in stripper costumes, and that didn’t apparently sit too well with Tebow’s publicity peeps. Neka later deleted the tweet and explained:

Well, Due to Tebow’s “image” I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half dressed ladies. He does know we arn’t real strippers right?

She went on to write:

Tweeps. I’m not mad, or judging. Just letting u all know I took the pic down. Ok. Thanks.

Prior to posting the photo with Tim Tebow, the Rock of Ages cast posted a photo tribute to Tim Tebow in which they can all be seen “Tebowing” in honor of their special guest:

The cast of Rock of Ages Tebowing in honor of Tim Tebow being in attendance

So what do you think about Tim Tebow not wanting to be seen with people even dressed as strippers? And backstage at a production he was in attendance at, no less? Surely his people realize asking Neka Zang to take it down would draw more attention than if they just let it be, right?

I think it’s a bit much, especially considering he has done nothing about this photo from Palinpalooza 2012!

Tim Tebow poses with Sarah Palin stripper look alikes
***My preemptive response: NO, the photo isn’t real, and YES I realize it’s a pretty horrible job of Photoshopping and your 6-year-old kid could have done better.

Here’s the original photo with Neka’s caption:

Unedited original Tim Tebow Rock of Ages stripper photo tweeted by Neka Zang