Tim Tebow NFL gameday kit and flow chart

Tim Tebow NFL Gameday Kit

The Denver Broncos shocked the sports world yesterday by selecting University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow with the 25th overall pick in the NFL Draft. Not only did the Broncos skip over the highly touted QB Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame to take Tebow, but they traded the 43rd, 70th, and 119th pick in the draft to do it! All of this after the Broncos had a good year from Kyle Orton and just recently traded for the Cleveland Browns’ Brady Quinn last month!

Most analysts believe Tebow’s college football prowess, which includes two national championships, a slew of NCAA records and a Heisman trophy, won’t translate to the professional level. Denver head coach Josh McDaniels, 33% of the state of Florida and a number of other “experts” disagree.

And what about those rumors that Tim Tebow will be playing tight end, fullback or even defense? Coach McDaniels spoke to ESPN’s Bill Williamson and put those rumors to rest saying, “He’s a quarterback. That’s all he’s going to do.”

Only time will tell I suppose. (I’m still furious at all the flack the Houston Texans got for drafting Mario Williams over Reggie Bush!!!)

I’m sure the graphics for this post are going to rile some feathers, especially way down in the swamplands and way up in the Mile High City, but I’ve got a lot of family with connections to “another” Florida school that made me do it! That being said, I’m sure everyone is wondering what’s on the “Tim Tebow In-Game Flow Chart” on TT’s clipboard above, so I thought I’d provide a zoomed in version for you:

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Flow Chart

Okay Tebow fans, before you unleash with all sorts of Haterade stop and ask yourself, “Is it funny? I don’t think it’s fair, but is it funny?” C’mon! Look at that Mel Kiper, Jr. voodoo doll! Now THAT’S funny! (Awwwwww…. There’s no need to cry.)

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