PHOTO O’ The Day: Urban Outfitters tries to sell Ramen Noodles for five dollars

Ramen noodles are those fried, salty pieces of heaven you can live off of when you are 20, in college studying philosophy and women and gender studies, and up to your ironic little neck in student loan debt. They cost between 10-35 cents a pack, and will help to feed you and your family for the next 25 years while you try to pay off that debt while working at a book store that will probably not even be around in the next five years.

But Urban Outfitters is banking that there’s a market for Ramen in the trust-fund-baby hipster crowd, who would be so charmed by these barely nutritious snacks that they would pay $5 for it. It did get marked down to $2.99, so they’re giving a little.

Just pick up your 36-count case for $13 bucks, and call it a day.

photo via: Buzzfeeed