PHOTO Not too skinny LeAnn Rimes visits Nobu restaurant to stay that way

LeAnn Rimes arrives at Nobu restaurant in Malibu August 1, 2011

LeAnn Rimes met her husband Eddie Cibrian for dinner at Nobu in Malibu Monday night wearing a tiny pair of leopard print shorts and a black tank top, showing off her controversially thin frame.

The former singer and current full-time Twitterer took to her favorite web site to share her thoughts on her choice of attire:

Never thought I’d ever be caught dead in leopard print, but I’m rocking it tonight! @alice_olivia loving my shorts!

[@Bchipper83] @leannrimes pic please! I love leopard… In small doses!

@Bchipper83 these are small lol

I try to stay out of the “Is LeAnn Rimes too thin?” debate (I just share the photos y’all!) but I sincerely believe those are actual Barbie clothes!

If I were the Johnny Carson type I might offer up this little monologue stuffer…

LeAnn Rimes is thin.

How thin is she?

LeAnn Rimes is so thin her leopard print shorts only have one spot.


Of course this post will end with a loooooooooong last look:

Is LeAnn Rimes too thin?

I have to confess LeAnn Rimes looks a little less thin close up.

Photos: MAP / Splash News