PHOTO Nick Gordon faces overwhelming backlash for ‘creepy’ Bobbi Kristina Christmas card

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The Bobbi Kristina Christmas card that Nick Gordon chose to share with the world this year has gotten attention for all the wrong reasons. Gordon, who remains the sole suspect in the ongoing criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s death, photoshopped his late ex-girlfriend into a card and shared it with his followers on social media.

Nick Gordon is now best-known for his tumultuous, allegedly violent relationship with Bobbi Kristina Brown, and for his association with the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death. According to mutual friend Danyela Bradley, who discussed Bobbi Kristina’s final hours in a recently released deposition, Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina got into a huge argument during her final night alive–and, after that fight continued into Bobbi Kristina’s bathroom, Gordon emerged, saying he’d put her into the tub.

Bradley’s testimony also covered alleged heavy drug use by Bobbi Kristina, which Nick Gordon is said to have possibly participated in. And the Brown family’s $40 million civil lawsuit against Nick Gordon–unrelated to the ongoing criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s death–alleges that Gordon both “battered” Bobbi Kristina and injected her with a “toxic cocktail.”

Bobbi Kristina Christmas card

Nick Gordon has been largely silent in the face of such accusations; he made his social media accounts private earlier this year. However, last week, Gordon released a Bobbi Kristina Christmas card–seen above–via his Twitter account, and the image went viral thanks to what many observers called a “creepy” vibe and “bizarre” or “disrespectful” approach to Bobbi Kristina. Nick Gordon shared the Bobbi Kristina Christmas card the day after Christmas; according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he wrote the following message to accompany it: “I know some of you guys are influenced by the media. But that’s my baby girl. Happy Holidays.”

Backlash against the Bobbi Kristina Christmas card–and, specifically, against Nick Gordon–was so swift that Gordon himself offered a rebuttal. “I will always forever continue to post pics,” Gordon said, again via Twitter.

A court date has not yet been set in the civil trial against Nick Gordon.


(Photo credits: Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Christmas card via Twitter)

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