3 PHOTOS Evi Quaid and Randy Quaid Mug Shots

Here are the mugshots of actor Randy Quaid and his wife of exactly 20 years Evi Quaid, taken after their arrest today for allegedly stiffing a number of hotels for pricey bills. (Read all about the allegations HERE.)

Randy Quaid Mug shot

Evi Quaid mug shot

UPDATE- The Quaids have been arrested again, this time for felony residential burglary after getting caught squatting in a house they used to own! CLICK HERE for all the details and more mug shots of Randy and Evi!

Evi Quaid mugshot

I’m beginning to think all those ridiculous characters Randy Quaid has played over the years may not have required any acting at all! Dude’s got a whole field of Hobo chin cotton going on! His wife, on the other hand, looks crazy SANE! Whatever they’ve been charged with, she is guilty! She looks like a Russian assassin.

Hobo Claus and Natasha sent a couple “bonus gifts” to TMZ, including a receipt of a cashier’s check for $5,546.96 made out to San Ysidro Ranch – one of the places they have been accused of “stiffing.” Click the link to check out the hand-written note on the receipt!


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