PHOTO Breaking Amish LA cast films Reunion Special

Breaking Amish LA Reunion Show filming 2017

Amid reports that the Breaking Amish OGs are filming a new season, the cast of Breaking Amish LA have gotten back together to film a reunion special!

The news comes via cast member Lizzie James (formerly Lizzie Stoltzfus), who posted the photo above with her husband Hoj and cast mates Sam Stoltzfus and Matthew Bristol. Lizzie captioned the photo with “Together again ??,” which of course had commenters asking whether or not they were filming again. “Yes, we did a reunion special,” Lizzie responded, along with a heart emoji.

When asked about a potential air date for the reunion special, Lizzie said she did not know yet, but added: “I’ll post it when I know.”

I did some research, but I could not uncover any more information about the reunion special, including whether or not the cast members not pictured (Betsy, Devon, Iva, and Andrew) would be participating.

Here are some updates on how the cast members are doing now:

Breaking Amish LA Betsy Yoder daughter Jolena

Betsy Yoder and her husband Allen Yoder welcomed their daughter Jolena in July of 2015. Jolena was born 12 weeks premature, but is now a healthy little almost-2-year-old. That’s Betsy and Jolena in the photo above from earlier today!

Meanwhile, Betsy is running the “Betzy’s Creative Paper Crafts” etsy shop where she sells very nice handmade greeting cards. Be sure to click the link and check it out.

Breaking Amish LA Lizzie James and son Kaden

Lizzie James is still married to her chiseled beau Hoj James, and their son Kaden continues to grow FAST! (I think he is almost four now!?)

 Breaking Amish LA Sam Stoltzfus and girlfriend Kathryn

Lizzie’s brother Sam Stoltzfus finally made it Facebook official with his long-time Romanian girlfriend Kathryn back in December. I believe she was Amish as well, and was featured on the show.

Matthew Bristol is also “In a relationship” according to Facebook, but despite numerous people asking, he doesn’t reveal whether his partner is a he or a she. Matthew made the relationship public in January, but it says they have been in a relationship since August.

If you recall, Matthew launched a clothing line back in June of 2014, but his website is now defunct. I assume we will learn more about whether or not he is still making clothes when the reunion airs.

Breaking Amish Return To Amish Chapel Peace Andrew Schmucker together 2017

Andrew Schmucker appears to still be incarcerated in some capacity after being arrested yet again back in November of 2014. (I think he is out of prison, but is in a mandated residential facility?) He was recently photographed with his wife Chapel Peace Schmucker, who also found herself back in prison last year.

I have no idea what Devon and Iva are up to.

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