Not everyone is supportive of Caitlyn Jenner; find out what her critics have to say


After Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world on Monday, she became wrapped up in a hurricane of media attention. The 65-year-old received an outpouring of love and support from her family, her fans, and peers within the LGBT community.

That’s not to say, however, that some haven’t been critical.

Drake Bell came under fire when he tweeted a message saying he would continue calling Cailtyn “Bruce.” People berated Drake and claimed he was just looking for attention with his tweet. Similarly, music producer Timbaland posted a meme to his Facebook page that says, “His Momma Named Him Bruce, Imma Call Him Bruce.”

And they aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

Conservative writer Matt Walsh recently posted an article on The Blaze entitled “Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman Is an Insult to Women.” In his post, Matt vehemently disagrees with Caitlyn’s struggle and claims she suffers from a mental illness.

His post has become viral, and his Facebook page blew up with over 15,000 comments, 20,000 shares, and nearly 85,000 likes. As a result of his in-your-face opinions, Matt has received numerous death threats and people wishing he would kill himself.

Other media outlets have mocked Caitlyn’s change. The New York Post’s front page headline was “Here ‘She’ Is.”

New York Post

Another website, The Daily Caller, made fun of Caitlyn’s (then Bruce’s) Olympic accomplishments.

Even some of Caitlyn’s biggest supporters are struggling with the change. Caitlyn’s mom Esther admitted that although she supports her daughter’s choice, “[For now] I still have to call him Bruce. His father and I named him that.”

The Associated Press also goofed up the verbiage when they referred to Caitlyn as “he” in a tweet about her Vanity Fair debut. The tweet read:


Bruce Jenner makes his debut as a transgender woman in a va-va-voom cover for the July issue of Vanity Fair


It was later deleted.

I think it’s fair to say that no matter your stance on this, everyone has the right to be respected. If Drake Bell, Timbaland, or Matt Walsh disapprove of people who are transgender, that’s their right. If Caitlyn Jenner wants to live and be referred to as a woman, that’s her right.

Remember the old saying “Let’s agree to disagree”?