Nick Cannon tweets about being victim of racial profiling

Nick Cannon treis to break hug world record

From all accounts Nick Cannon has a sweet life. He’s married to Mariah Carey (well played sir), he’s the host of America’s Got Talent, and he’s the father of two beautiful twin babies. While all of this is true and Nick would be the first to back that up, he’s still a black man in America and according to his Twitter page that lone fact has caused a lifetime of racial profiling at the hands of cops.

Nick took to his Twitter account to vent off some frustration after being pulled over today. Here was his first tweet which is actually a shout out to a black police officer that, “let him go.”

All that seems fine and dandy but this latest run in with the police had Nick obviously frustrated. He unloaded on Twitter with the following recollections about being subject to racial profiling:

I’m a white kid that grew up in a small town in Florida. If a cop would have pulled a gun on me at 13 while I was out on my bicycle I would’ve crapped my pants right there and started crying for my momma. But that never happened, or anything close to it and I guess that’s the point Cannon is making.

I’m sure Nick will catch some heat by folks who support the majority of hard working, dedicated police officers out there but if he is getting pulled over once a week just because, as he sees it, of his nice ride and the color of his skin I can appreciate how his this could set him off.

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