My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 premiere date & details!

Whitney Way Thore returns for My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 on August 9 2022

TLC just officially announced that Whitney Way Thore will be returning for My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 on August 9!

According to the network’s press release, the new season will include some very serious health issues for Whitney’s mom. “The Thores are devastated after a stroke leaves Babs hospitalized with an uncertain road to recovery. With the help of her supportive friend group, Whitney musters the strength to be the pillar her family needs during their darkest time.”

Of course, there will also be some Whitney relationship drama. As we previously reported, Whitney’s ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat is back in the picture. However, it appears that it was supposed to be purely business?

“Elsewhere, things get tricky for Whitney when she mixes her professional and personal life by hiring her ex-boyfriend, Lennie, to help with her online fitness videos.” Hmmmmm… I wonder how many seconds it will take Whitney to go from business sales pitch to awkward flirting?

The potential rekindling of Whitney’s Lenfatuation is just a tiny sample of all the relationship drama this season! And, of course, viewers will get to see yet another Whitney Waycation.

“Love is definitely in the air between Jessica’s wedding around the corner, Buddy’s new engagement and Ashley’s second baby on the way,” reads the release. “Will Whitney find a love match for Heather as well? Or will a sexy Caribbean vacation have more in store than Whitney bargained for?”

Strangely, there was no mention of Whitney’s Walmart commercial. I just assumed that her venture into professional modeling with the largest retailer in the country would merit a story line! I bet they still manage to sneak it in there.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 premieres Tuesday, August 9 at 10/9c on TLC.

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