Below Deck Adventure cast photos, positions and bios! Plus the preview trailer!

Below Deck Adventure cast crew photo

Meet the crew of the motor yacht Mercury, aka the cast of Below Deck: Adventure Season 1! Bravo surprised everyone Tuesday by dropping the preview trailer for the network’s latest addition to their popular nautical drama franchise, which will take Below Deck viewers into cold water for the first time!

“Bravo takes viewers beyond the deck and off the yacht in the latest iteration of the Emmy Award-nominated franchise as passengers paraglide, explore caves and take extreme helicopter rides along the Norwegian Fjords,” reads the network’s press release. “The series features thrill-seeking charter guests looking to push their limits for an unforgettable experience along the picturesque landscapes rich in Vikings history.”

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 will premiere at an appropriately chilly time of year: November 1 at 9/8c.

Well, what are we waiting fjord? Let’s check out the dramatic, fun, and dangerous Below Deck Adventure Season 1 preview trailer:


Below Deck Adventure Cast Photos, Titles & Bios

Below Deck Adventure Captain Kerry Titheradge
Captain Kerry Titheradge
Captain Kerry has close to three decades of experience in boating. His long career has taken him all over the globe, including the Caribbean, Pacific Northwest and the Mediterranean. But will his many years of experience prepare him for the narrow fjords of Norway — or an insubordinate crew member?

Below Deck Adventure Chef Jessica "Jess" Condy
Chef Jessica “Jess” Condy
A chef with confidence, enthusiasm, a great work ethic, and a passion for food is “Jess” what the captain ordered, and exactly what Captain Kerry got with Chef Jess Condy! The colder climate is going to be a challenge for Jess, whose extensive hospitality background includes land and sea — but not so much in a place like Norway where provisions can be limited. Oh, and just like pretty much every yacht chef ever, “Chef Jessica is a perfectionist, causing tension between her and the interior team.”

Below Deck Adventure Chief Stew Faye Clark
Chief Stew Faye Clark
Every Below Deck fan knows that yacht drama almost always revolves around the chief stew, and the drama hub for the M/Y Mercury will be Londonite globetrotter Faye Clark. Unlike most chief stews, Faye came to yachting a bit late. She was working in the corporate world before leaving the land lubbin’ rat race and heading to Italy to join the yachting industry. Will she be able to earn the respect of her interior crew and insure smooth sailing this season?

Below Deck Adventure Bosun Lewis Lupton
Bosun Lewis Lupton
From Bravo:

A graduate from the United Kingdom Sailing Academy, Lewis Lupton comes on board Mercury as bosun with experience working in the Mediterranean and an avid love for sailing. On his last yacht, he rose quickly from deckhand to first officer and is eager to work with a larger team and boat. An amiable leader, Lewis learns the hard way that it isn’t always easy to be both a boss and a friend as he manages his deck team.

Below Deck Adventure Stew Oriana Schneps
Stew Oriana Schneps
Originally from Boston, Oriana took part in a scuba diving research expedition in the Bahamas while in college and that steered her straight into a yachting career. Oriana may have some tension with Faye given that Oriana has experience being the boss as a chief stew on a previous yacht. Speaking of tension, Oriana, and previous yachts — she will be bringing more baggage aboard than just a suitcase in the form of a pre-existing rocky relationship with her fellow stew, Kasie!

Below Deck Adventure Stew Kasie Faddah
Stew Kasie Faddah
Aspiring second stew Kasie Faddah is an adrenaline junkie and a former Mormon from Seattle who currently calls Costa Rica home. (I’m pretty sure that is the first time that sentence has ever been written in the history of the world!) As mentioned above, Kasie and her fellow stew Oriana have worked together before, and apparently it didn’t go so well. Adding fuel to that potential drama fire is the fact that Kasie and Oriana will reportedly be competing for the title of second stew this season.

Below Deck Adventure Deckhand Kyle Dickard
Deckhand Kyle Dickard
I’m sure Andy Cohen is drooling at the chance to make some surname jokes when deckhand Kyle Dickard makes his first appearance on Watch What Happens Live! Texas-born Kyle left the Lone Star State when he was 19, and much like many yachties, he started his current career path after a trip to the tropics. Will his Texas charm keep him out of trouble, or will his Texas pride get him into it?

Below Deck Adventure Deckhand Nathan Morley
Deckhand Nathan Morley
Deckhand Nathan Morley has been in yachting since 2017 and he seems to be a perfect fit for the “Adventure” aspect of the new spin-off given his love for adventure that includes axe throwing, hiking, and snowboarding. But, could it be that Nathan’s fun-loving ways will lead to trouble this season? It appears Nathan may be taking on the infamous “Danny” role aboard the M/Y Mercury as his Bravo bio teases the fact that he likes to charm and entertain the charter guests — perhaps too much.

Below Deck Adventure Deckhand Michael Gilman
Deckhand Michael Gilman
The all-male deck crew is rounded out by Michael Gilman. Originally from Long Island, Michael’s boating experience prior to the M/Y Mercury was mostly aboard commercial boats. Will he be able to make the transition to the “white boat” life, or will he be one-and-done after this charter season?

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