MUG SHOT Four-year-old accidentally takes mother’s 249 bags of heroin to school, gives them out in class

Heroin 1


Ashley Tull, of Delware, is in prison after her daughter inadvertently pulled off the worst Show-and-Tell in day care history.

Tull’s four-year-old daughter got hold of mommy’s heroin stash when “a pet soiled her usual backpack.” She took it with her to school, where she passed its contents out to other children because she thought it was candy.

Except, instead of candy, it was 249 bags of heroin, weighing 3.735 grams. Boom.


Heroin 2


Teachers at the Hickory Tree Child Care center called police just before noon, when they noticed that the children all had strange pouches full of an even stranger substance.

The children who’d been playing with heroin were taken to the hospital and given a thorough, rigorous checkup. All appeared to be free of heroin symptoms.

Tull, 30, was arrested and charged with maintaining a drug property and endangering the welfare of a child; she was released on $6,000 bail, and will appear in court later this month.

In light of the arrest, Tull’s three other children were released into the care of another family member.

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