16 & PREGNANT Selena is pregnant again. Is Sean the dad?

16 and Pregnant Selena Gutierrez pregnant again

16 and Pregnant mom Selena Gutierrez recently revealed that she is pregnant with her second child.

Selena made the announcement on Instagram earlier this month. “Our present came a lil early this year,” Selena captioned a gallery of photos on December 8. “Baby #2 on the way!!” she added.

The photos included her daughter Dareli as well as two sonograms. “I got to keep this special moment to myself for a while, now we can finally share!” Selena wrote. “Promoted to big sister 🙂 coming 2022.”

Here is Selena’s full post:

Fast forward a couple weeks and Selena shared a gender reveal. “It’s a girl!!” she began her caption for a gallery of Instagram images with Dareli and a onesie with “pink” written in glittery letters. “I’m so blessed to have 2 mini me’s 😭🤍👨‍👩‍👧‍👧!!! God really said Dareli wasn’t enough we’re gonna go crazy 😂.”


As you would imagine, Selena’s pregnancy announcement was met with a mix of responses. In addition to the congratulations, there were also those curious who the father is.

“Do u have the same baby father?” one commenter asked.

“Yes I’m sure everyone would love to know,” Selena replied. She still has yet to confirm or deny that Sean is the father.

In case you missed it, Selena and Dareli’s dad, Sean, had a HUGE falling out back in May. The dramatic break up played out online, and would eventually result in Selena’s arrest. After Selena’s release, her brother Ricky hinted that she and Sean were trying to work things out.

However, the same could not be said for Sean and Ricky! The two hurled insults back and forth on social media, including multiple allegations of molestation against family members.

One month later, Selena shared a gallery of photos of Dameli and Sean for Father’s Day and wrote the following:

Happy first Father’s Day to my bd 💙 thank you for loving my baby endlessly and showing her the world. She’s so lucky to have you the way she looks up to you and depends on you makes my heart full, no matter the struggles and battles we go thru you’ll always be my baby’s dad so we have to learn to do it together. I promise to always do my part and I know you will be the father you never had. Thank you for all you do for my pizza roll🥰 #happyfathersday #alldads

UPDATE – Sean Garinger, who is the father of Dareli and her younger sister Esmi, passed away after an ATV accident on February 28, 2024.


Selena also received some negativity in response to her pregnancy announcement. Here is one interaction she had in the comments of her post:

COMMENTER 1: Like why even be on the show if you are just going to get knocked up again? The show is supposed to demonstrate why it is a bad idea to be a teen parent and all you girls just pop them out again and again

SELENA: Y’all hate to see people happy 😭😂 sorry we’re not misrable [sic]

COMMENTER 2: But why have another baby so soon? Don’t you want to do more with your life?

SELENA: I am doing something with my life you know how many women wish to have kids ? It was gods plan and I’m happy with how my life is thank you 🙂

COMMENTER 3: @commenter2 Who says you can’t do more with your life because you have kids?? I hope that’s not your kid in the picture because I’d hate if my mom made me feel like I stopped her from doing more. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all. Leave her alone and go live your miserable life because we’re happy around here. I’m glad you stopped at one because you clearly don’t enjoy having kids.

SELENA: Lmfao perioddd thank you love 😭🤍 idcc I love my babies they made my life better!


Selena being pregnant isn’t the only baby news this month for the Gutierrez family! Selena revealed that her sister, Carrie, recently welcomed a baby girl of her own. The baby is Carrie’s eighth child.

Selena’s announcement:

Well lil story: my sister had her 8th kid not even knowing. She got to 35 weeks without knowing!!

God works in crazy ways fr. Congratulations sister!!! Yari and Dari are big sisters together.

Congratulations to all the Gutierrezes! Hmmmmm…. I’m thinking maybe MTV should have kept Selena around for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. She and her family definitely bring the drama!

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