Danielle Cunningham’s ex-fiance Jamie Alderman has a criminal record

16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham's baby daddy Jamie Paul Alderman

I suppose I need to make a weekly column titled “16 and Pregnant Baby Daddy Criminal Pasts” because once again the father from this week’s episode, Jamie Alderman, has been getting into legal trouble in addition to Danielle Cunningham’s pants.

According to online court records Jamie Paul Alderman has been arrested on two separate occasions – for assault on April 24, 2010 and disorderly conduct on March 25, 2010. For the disorderly conduct Jamie pleaded guilty and basically got off with fees and court costs totaling just over $200 – which are currently past due.

Jamie was arrested for misdemeanor assault by the Pataskala Police Department in April and once again Jamie pleaded guilty. For that offense he was given a 150-day suspended sentence and two years of probation. The case was heard on April 30, 2010 so that means he is currently still on probation and will be until April 30, 2012. Fines and fees in that case totaled over $660 and they too appear to be unpaid.

Danielle Cunningham's boyfriend Jamie Alderman from 16 and Pregnant

I wasn’t able to dig up a mug shot photo but my guess is that TMZ will have one shortly. (They also seem to be doing the weekly 16 and Pregnant criminal blotter posts.)

Some may question the merits of reporting on the criminal histories of these reality show stars, but I believe it reveals a lot about the reality that these children are being born into. I’m not saying Jamie isn’t a good guy and can’t get his life on track, but arrests for disorderly conduct and assault before you even turn twenty suggests there are some serious issues that need to be addressed.

***I’m wondering if this is what Danielle was referring to with this question and answer from her Formspring account:

What is your biggest fear?
that my past will come out if i end up having a good show , cause i know how tabloids are … :/

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